• Let’s Learn with Geometry With Geoboard

    Let’s Learn with Geometry With Geoboard

    • Ages : 6 & Up
    • Product Code : 0672

    ‘Let's Learn Geometry with Geoboard’ is a practical and fun tool for learning and practicing basic geometry and other mathematical concepts while playing with Board and rubber bands.

  • Tangram


    • Ages : 5 & Up
    • Product Code : 0662

    ‘Tangram’ is a classic and most engaging and enjoyable way to create a variety of simple to complex shapes and figures using seven plastic pieces of Tangram.

  • Pattern Play

    Pattern Play

    • Ages : 4 & Up
    • Product Code : 0923

    "Pattern Play" helps children to develop their creativity and spatial perception with the help different activities to create innumerable interesting patterns.

  • Challenger


    • Ages : 6 & Up
    • Product Code : 0216

    ‘Challenger’ is a problem solving game with Tangrams to develop creativity, thinking and logical skills in children.