Special Needs

Children with special needs just need special games!

This special collection of toys has been handpicked by our consultants for the parents, therapists and educators of children with special needs. Many therapists and doctors refer these games as a part of their therapy for special kids. At the same time, these are made available to the families and schools of special-needs children as a practical source of learning.

The products allow children with special needs to learn while playing and to develop on their own pace. This makes their learning a fun thing but not a task of improvement making them grow better and learn faster. These products aid in developing their eye-hand coordination, logic and reasoning abilities and communication skills. Activities such as matching and visual discrimination help them to awake their senses. With our special products, we do not aim at making life of special kids easy but we endeavor to help in the development of their special skills making them capable with their different abilities.

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Fine Motor Skill

Congnitive Skill

Speech & Language

Visual Discrimination

Number Skill

Sensory Awareness

Social & Emotional

Communication Skill

Matching Skill