World Whiz

  • Ages : 10 & Up
  • Product Code : 1067

Skills Developed

  • Recognition of Flags of different countries
  • Knowledge about 50 important countries of the world
  • Knowledge about continents and oceans
  • Ability to locate different countries on world map



World Whiz " Children travel across the world on the " Flag Path" playing three different games : 1. Recognising flags of different countries and their locations on the world map. 2. Naming countries and capitals with the help of interesting facts. 3. Find and name countries who's flags match the dice roll. They also test their knowledge of World Geography and recognize different countries from their Country maps. The game includes: A multi-colour Playing Board, 3 Dice (2 showing different colours & 1 number dice), 50 Country clue cards, 50 Country Capitals cards, Play pieces and Play Rules.

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