•  Days of the Week

    Days of the Week

    • Ages : 4 & Up
    • Product Code : 0696

    ‘Days of the Week’ is a fun way to learn the names and sequence of days in a week that is still discipline in children.

  • Means of Transport

    Means of Transport

    • Ages : 4 & Up
    • Product Code : 0624

    In ‘Means of Transport’, the young learners explore various means of transports through which people travel and goods are transported. The game is suitable for the children of 4 years and above.

  • People Who Help Us

    People Who Help Us

    • Ages : 5 & up
    • Product Code : 0266

    ‘People Who Help Us’ enables children to explore different occupations and to identify various tools and materials which are used by some important community helpers.

  • In the Home

    In the Home

    • Ages : 4 & Up
    • Product Code : 0932

    ‘In the Home’ is an association game that enables child to identify different objects and the rooms of the house to which they belong .

  • Our Helpers

    Our Helpers

    • Ages : 4 & Up
    • Product Code : 0630

    ‘OUR HELPERS’ is an association game where children match different ‘Helper Cards’ with their corresponding ‘Job Cards’.