Math Fun - Subtraction

  • Ages : 5 & up
  • Product Code : 0234

Skills Developed

  • Number and Operations
  • Conceptual understanding of the meaning of Subtraction
  • To find the difference between two numbers.
  • Reinforce and practice the knowledge of Subtraction
  • Problem Solving



Learning Maths becomes Play as children practice their Subtraction skills with this simple, interactive and enjoyable board game and 4 card games. 1) Board Game: The Cards make the sums and Play Board has the answers. Children just draw two cards, subtract the smaller numbers from the bigger number and find the answer. Then look for this number on the Play Board and place one of their Counter there. When a player has 4 Counters in a row in any direction, he/ she wins. 2) To review and reinforce the Subtraction skills they practice with 4 interactive and enjoyable Card Games- Subtraction War, I Spy, Be First and Memory. The game includes: A play board, 60 Counters and 4 Colours, 2 Sets of 0 to 20 Play Cards, Play Rules

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