Practice Maths at home- Multiplication

  • Ages : 5 & Up
  • Product Code : 1071

Skills Developed

  • Conceptual Understanding of Multiplication
  • Ability to find the difference between two numbers
  • Logical Thinking
  • Problem Solving Skills



"Practice Maths-Multiplication" has been designed to provide a fun learning experience to young ones for better reinforcement of mathematics skills. The game comprises a ‘Play Board’, ‘Play Pieces’, ‘Play Rules’ and an ‘Activity Guide’. Players move through the ‘Play Board’ using the dice and practice their division by giving correct answer for the problem given on the space on which they land. The interactive activities given in the Activity Book help children to do more practice at their own pace. Playing "Practice Math-Multiplication" is a perfect resource for children to develop their mathematical skills at home.

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