People Who Help Us

  • Ages : 5 & up
  • Product Code : 0266

Skills Developed

  • World Geography
  • Knowledge of different occupations
  • Concentration
  • Association
  • Visual Discrimination
  • Classification



‘People Who Help Us’ enables children to learn about some of the important community helpers who help us in our daily lives. The game has 6 central pieces each representing one of the community helpers and 7/8 pieces of the corresponding tools, materials and products related to each of them. The child is required to identify the tool/material/product piece and the community helper to whom it belongs and if it belongs to his/her respective ‘Community Helper Board’, he/she picks up and joins it to his/her central piece. As the child completes the boards, he/she learns about some of the important people who help us, while developing their vocabulary, tactile and visual discrimination skills.

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