Nurturing Your Child’s Talent

When you look at your little one, bubbling with enthusiasm, you wonder what they will grow up to be; an architect, an artist, a dancer, an engineer, or a doctor. They could be impacting hundreds of lives through their social enterprise, or creating the most innovative technical product in town. While your child’s future might remain in suspense for many years, here’s how you can encourage their talent, starting right now.

  • Provide exposure beyond textbooks

    A mathematical genius-in-the-making might end up hating Maths because of poor marks in school. Expose children to different kinds of Maths through interesting books, educational kits and online activities to help them enjoy the subject and can also perform well in school.

    Maths kits that teach counting, pre-maths skills, shapes and dimensions help them learn in a hands-on manner. The same applies to other subjects as well. By helping your child discover different facets of the subject, you are setting the scene for them to enjoy and explore the subject.

  • Experiencing sports

    While you don’t know if your child is made to be a badminton player or a karate expert, it helps to get your child to experience sporting activities in several ways. You could take them along to watch a karate tournament, watch sports on TV, or get to try different sports at a summer camp.

    Doing this, will help you discover what excites them the most, which is definitely better than just enrolling them in the available convenient sports class. Games and quiz sets that give information about sports and sportspersons help to build child’s interest in sports.

  • Exploring the arts

    Encourage children to participate in cultural activities at schools and in colonies. It could include singing, dancing, plays and an exhibition of paintings. It will help them to discover which of the arts they enjoy. Working towards a specific goal will also motivate them to explore different options before choosing the best one.

    Craft kits, stencil sets and painting sets help children try their hand on art, with easy instructions and equipment to help them do good work.

  • Share your skills

    If you go for a run or learn music, take children along to see what you really do and enjoy. Children often pick up skills and talents from their parents simply because they see how much they enjoy the activity. They also get to see those skills in action more often than others, and are exposed to the right opportunities easily.

  • Children’s shows

    Children are impressed by what other children can do. Take them to dance shows and other talent programmes where children perform. These can be inspiring and encourage your child to pursue an interest. Videos on the internet also show children performing everything from magic shows and juggling to reciting rhymes.

  • Don’t give up

    If you enrolled your child in a music class because he/she loves music and discovered that he/she doesn’t enjoy it, don’t give up. Allow them to discontinue the class without reprimanding. Young children may find it difficult to enjoy a structured curriculum. Let them continue to enjoy music in other ways, like using apps that helps in playing music or simply listening to music. He might take up classes later in life. Children’s interests keep changing with their age and with what they see around them. Keeping various opportunities open, helps in exploring various skills and choosing when they are ready.