Memory Power Pack

  • Ages : 4 & Up
  • Product Code : 0257

Skills Developed

  • Improves memory
  • Ability to distinguish
  • Helps in retaining and recalling information
  • Concentration
  • Visual discrimination
  • Quickness of response

Game Cards: There are four sets of cards on four different topics as given below:

  • Name the things
  • Similar but different
  • What does not belong
  • What is different



Each card has a visual question and three answer choices on the front side and the answers on the back side. The backside of the cards also has the topic name and its own unique colour/design, which allows the players to keep the sets easily organized.

  • The teacher or players choose the topic of the ‘Game Cards’ to be used in the game.

  • The layer picks up a card from the pile and carefully read the question given on its front and tries to choose the correct answer.

  • If the question is answered correctly, the player receives the points. These points are written on the students score sheet and the card is placed underneath the pile.

  • If the question is answered incorrectly, play proceeds to the next player.

  • Play continues in the same manner until all questions are answered correctly or the allotted time is over.

  • Players add up all of their points. The player with most points will be winner.

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