For Classes 9 to 10

A program to strengthen mathematical understanding and competence!

Creative Math Lab kit is an interactive kit under our STEM category that strengthens Mathematical understanding and competence among children of classes 9th and 10th of all National Curriculums. Since we are entering into the world of activity-based learning, this kit helps children to practice further concepts and fundamentals of Mathematics. We at Creative’s are dedicated to provide innovative and effective Math learning resources for students.

One kit contains:

  • Multiple Pieces of 20 manipulative components and 120 activities.
  • Different types of material suggested and required for each topic.
  • Activity cards giving step-by-step instructions and procedure.
  • Practice sheets.
  • Training VCDs.

Some features of the kit can be summarised as follows:

It is based on the principle that students learn mathematical concepts more quickly & easily when they actually touch, feel and manipulate different material.

It helps build interest and confidence of students in learning mathematics.

It encourages students to become independent learners.

The components are so versatile that each can be used to explore different concepts.

Number of model-projects has been included.

To elaborate and explain the concepts better three training VCDs have been provided in the kit.

Activities are printed on wipe-clean-cards to ensure repeated use.

Activity cards can be photocopied.

Each set of material could be worked by 5 or 10 students at a time.

Three types of activities have been included in the kit:

A) Exploratory

The activities can be chosen by teacher according to the complexity and the ability level of students. Most of the concepts/activities have been explained with the help of certain material and the same material can be used for other concepts as well. For example, the base ten material used for place value can also be used for decimal, fractions, percentage, area, perimeter, volume and other concepts.

Let us talk, plan, create and test the concepts of Mathematics!”

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  • Understanding quadratic equations
  • To verify various algebraic formulas
  • To draw picture on a graph of linear equation
  • To reduce the size of a picture in the given ratio.
  • To multiply binomial and monomial equations


  • To find the sum of ‘n’ natural numbers
  • To find the sum of ‘n’ terms of an Arithmetic Progression
  • To draw graph of arithmetic equations
  • To find the ‘n’ term in Arithmetic Progression


  • To verify Euler’s Formula
  • To prove that the sum of the angles of a triangle is equal to two right angles
  • To prove the theorems of congruency of triangles
  • To prove the mid-point theorem


  • To verify Pythagoras Theorem
  • To measure the height of the tree using the trigonometric ratio
  • To verify that tangent at any point of circle is perpendicular to the radius through the point of contact


  • To draw the triangle with the help of perimeter and the base angles
  • To verify that any two congruent triangles can form a parallelogram
  • To prove that in similar triangles the corresponding angles are equal
  • To prove that similar triangles the corresponding sides are proportional


  • To discover the formula for the area of circle, triangle, parallelogram and trapezium
  • To find total surface area of a cube and cuboid
  • To derive the formula for area of a sector
  • To find the circumference of a circle