• Ages : 8 & Up
  • Product Code : 1034

Skills Developed

  • Information about India:
    • History
    • Geography
    • Constitution
    • Culture
  • Develops quickness of response
  • Improves Memory



“Jai Bharat” is a board comprises of a large Political Map of India, a colourful game path around the map and a built- in spinner showing all the states and union territories of India. First, children spin the spinner and practice finding the State/ Union Territory on the Map of India, where the needle of the spinner lands. Next, to test their detailed knowledge about all the states and union territories they play on the map of India and try to win maximum number of State Cards by answering questions about them and reaching central " Start " space first. Then using their knowledge of social studies they answer questions on History, Geography, Culture and Constitution of India corresponding to their symbols to move forward on the Outer Path of the Play Board. There are 1350 Questions and Answers covering all aspects of India.
The game includes: A multicolour play board, 70 State Wiz question- answer Cards, 108 India Wiz question- answer cards, play pieces and Rules of Play.

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