Insight –The Mind Reading Game

  • Ages : 6 & Up
  • Product Code : 0812

Skills Developed

  • Enhance Vocabulary
  • Thinking Skills
  • Quickness of Response
  • Memory Skills
  • Relaxation
  • Social Skills



"Insight –The Mind Reading Game" is a challenging and most exciting mind reading game which children will like to play again and again. Simply draw an " Card", read and announce the heading written on the card, select an object/thing name from the card, write it on the Wipe - clean Writing Pad and put the pad and the card face down in the middle challenging the players to guess the correct word. Other players think and ask very pointed questions to find the answer within the time set by the timer. The game will boost children 's knowledge, vocabulary and skills of questioning, thinking and memory in most enjoyable way. The game includes: A multicolour Play Board, 252 cards, one wipe- clean Writing Pad, a marker and a Timer.

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