• Ages : 9 & Up
  • Product Code : 0832

Skills Developed

  • Knowledge about Physical, Economic and cultural aspects of India
  • Exploratory Instinct
  • Presence of Mind
  • Map Reading
  • Facts about States and Union Territories of India



“INDIAN SAFARI-PREMIUM” The board game has a map of India, a built in Spinner showing names of all the States and Union Territories of India and a colourful path to move around. Spin the spinner, read the State/Territory name, and try to find that State/Territory on the map. If successful, you get to advance the given number of spaces on the play path. Most of spaces show different symbols representing Physical Features, agriculture and industry, buildings and monuments, culture and places of tourist interest. If the Play Piece lands on one of these spaces the next player picks a card from the pile of cards and asks the question against the symbol on which the player has landed. If the answer is correct the player moves forward and takes another turn. By playing with interactive State/Territory and Information cards children will 1. Match the State map card with its Information card, 2. Play Memory game, 3. Play Who Am I? game, 4. Play Category Quiz games and 5. Sorting game. The game includes A beautiful Play Board, 84 Question-Answer cards on five different topics (840 questions and answers), 36 State/Territory Map cards, 36 Information cards, Play pieces and Play Rules.

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