In The House 2 in 1

  • Ages : 4 & Up
  • Product Code : 1011

Skills Developed

  • Identify and learn about special rooms in the house
  • Identify different objects found in different rooms
  • Vocabulary
  • Visual Discrimination
  • Language Skills



‘In the House 2 in 1’ is a language development game in the question-answer form. It has been specially designed to develop observation, visual discrimination, listening and verbal skills of children in an enjoyable way. The game comprises a large puzzle (548mm x 413mm) of 30 jumbo pieces, a spinner and 34 Play Cards in question-answer form on 3 different categories differentiated by different colours. The child is required to assemble the puzzle and carefully observe the assembled picture to learn about different rooms of the house and various objects found in them. Using the ‘Play cards’ child needs to find different rooms, things and objects as asked on different picture and colour cards according to the spin of the spinner. In this way, the child will reinforce his/her knowledge of colours, shapes, counting etc. in a playful manner.

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