In The Play Park 2 in 1

  • Ages : 4 & Up
  • Product Code : 1012

Skills Developed

  • Observation
  • Visual Discrimination
  • Vocabulary
  • Know about different activities in a park
  • Identify different people & equipment in the play park



‘IN THE PLAY PARK 2 IN 1’ is an environmental and language development game in the question-answer form. It has been specially designed to develop observation, visual discrimination, listening and verbal skills of children in an enjoyable way. The game comprises a large puzzle (545mm x 405mm) of 25 jumbo pieces, 60 question-answer cards on 4 different categories and a spinner. The child is required to assemble the puzzle and carefully observe the picture of the assembled puzzle to learn about the people, equipment and various activities that are happening in different areas of the park. Using the ‘Play Cards’ child needs to a. Find different objects shown on the "Find" cards and b. Answer "What" "Where" and "Who" questions according to the spin of the spinner. In this way, the child will also reinforce his/her knowledge of colours, shapes, counting, actions etc. in addition to learning about various things about a play park.

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