Discover Ramayana

  • Ages : 9 & Up
  • Product Code : 0817

Skills Developed

  • Knowledge about Ramayana
  • Enhances Exploratory Instinct
  • Memory Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Moral values



‘Discover Ramayana’ is a unique board game that takes children on the journey to discover and understand the rich Indian heritage and learn its moral values. The game comprises a multicolour Play Board, 168 question-answer cards on four categories, a dice and 6 play pieces. As players move through the Play Board according to the roll of the dice, their play pieces land on one of the four categories namely ‘Ramayana knowledge’, ‘Places and Weapons’, ‘People’, and ‘Sayings’. They are then asked question given on the corresponding category card. Therefore, while answering the question, children develop moral values, social skills enhancing their knowledge about various facts about Ramayana.

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