Be Quick - Pre School

  • Ages : 4 & Up
  • Product Code : 1053

Skills Developed

  • To improve General Knowledge
  • Vocabulary
  • Quickness of Response
  • Thinking Skills
  • Reading Skills



"Be Quick-Pre-School" 5 different topics related to the Child’s pre-school curriculum are given on a beautifully illustrated durable plastic disc, with a Spinner at the centre. To decide the topic to be played, spin the Spinner; it will be where the needle of the spinner lands on the disc. Try to tell the answer of the asked word/question, verbally or from the Reference Book, related to the topic within the time limit of the timer. In case no one is able to guess the correct name they may refer the given Reference Book. In this way children revise, reinforce and test their knowledge together in a fun and relaxed environment and develop their thinking and memory skills. The game includes a plastic disc with a spinner, a reference book, a timer and play rules.

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