Daily Chore

Children love feeling important and helpful, so daily chores are a great way to help them feel grown up and responsible. Even a 2-year old can help out in small ways.

Motivating your child

Talk about how Mummy and Daddy do so much work that helps in keeping house neat, and things in order. Talk about how family members work together to ensure that travel, food, shopping and other work is taken care of. Kids love being considered ‘old enough’ to help.


Group Games

Your child is now thinking beyond toys and solo games. With the increased awareness about the environment and people around, they are all set to enhance their communication skills, build relationships with others, make friends, think about others and cooperate by playing group games.

Here are a few group games that can enrich children’s experiences by helping them explore the concept of rules, team work and the fun of playing together.


Memory Building Activities

Every day, a child’s memory is challenged by the need to remember words, formula, facts and various lists. Here are some quick and easy memory-building activities and games that will help children throughout their life.


Nurturing Your Child’s Talent

When you look at your little one, bubbling with enthusiasm, you wonder what they will grow up to be; an architect, an artist, a dancer, an engineer, or a doctor. They could be impacting hundreds of lives through their social enterprise, or creating the most innovative technical product in town. While your child’s future might remain in suspense for many years,