7 Years To Above


  • Shows active behavior most of the time.
  • Speaks too much, follow the things spontaneously.
  • Want to develop motor skills
  • Likes to produce finished products (Art, models, crafts, sewing, carpentry etc)


  • Lacks Confidence
  • Adopts new tasks or social situations with caution.
  • More serious & thoughtful about Life.
  • Shows interest in community, immediate neighborhoods, familiar experiences
  • Enjoy dramatic play (Puppets, dolls, paper dolls, dress ups etc)


  • Have full control in uniformity & size of letters.
  • Proficient in copying words.
  • Do most of the work with perfection.
  • Undergoes further visual development.
  • Need to know some follow-up activities after reading to build upon what is read.


  • Can interpret story without knowing all the words.
  • Shows individual differences in reading speed.
  • Like listening to ‘Fairy tales’.
  • Beginning to be critical of reading materials.
  • Likes to solve quiz, puzzles, matching etc.

Suggested toys and games :

  • Games with specific sports skills like batting a ball or soccer ball,
  • Crayon, drawing & Painting books, All types of Art material.
  • Intellectual Puzzles, Story books, Fairy tales etc
  • Role plays, Simple & Easy board games
  • Games which deal in developing vocabulary and language skills.
  • Games and toys that build number and alphabets skills.
  • Games with Constructive skills, Marbles
  • Riding toys, tricycles, helmets etc.
  • Science kits, Math Kits,craft kits
  • larger bicycles, Jump ropes
  • Puppets, fashion and career dolls
  • Doll house and furniture