6 Years To 7 Years


  • Involves in various group games and activities.
  • Becomes very active and noisy.
  • Physical growth slows down
  • Permanent teeth begin to appear.
  • Enjoy listening to music and understand rhythm.
  • Sometimes try to imitate the behavior and actions of elders.
  • In this period the child needs more encouragement, understanding, love, care and praise from elders.


  • Need encouragement to communicate feelings and thoughts.
  • Likes to interact and exchange ideas.
  • Social activities also show tremendous increase by going to school and making friends.
  • Wants to play with other children and wants to be a part of group.
  • Becomes indecisive and independent.
  • Begin to have social personality.
  • Likes to compete.


  • Try to do everything themselves to understand the logic.
  • Wants to learn and know more.
  • Learns and retains more facts and concepts. .
  • Multi-Sensory skills are enhanced.
  • Learning, reading, writing and thinking skills are enhanced.
  • Retention and memory power improves and can remember complex processes.
  • Learns from observing and experiencing.


  • Is more speech conscious and tries to speak more fluently, with confidence and grammatically correct.
  • Understands and answers correctly.
  • Can now retain more than 3000 words.
  • Can now speak any kind of sentence or phrase, be it short and long.
  • Knows the names of days of week

Suggested toys and games :

  • Board games.
  • Jigsaws, form, activity and floor puzzle up to 100 pieces.
  • Dolls, stuff toys, puppets and doll-accessories like dollhouse, doctor-play etc.
  • Constructive toys.
  • Games and toys involving Art, Crafts and S.U.P.W .
  • Educational games dealing in general knowledge, quizzing, story telling etc.
  • Books that enhance reading and understanding skills i.e., fine motor skills.
  • Games which deal in developing vocabulary and language skills.
  • Games and toys that build number and alphabets skills.