5 Years To 6 Years


  • Full control and poise is gained.
  • Prefer more activity and play.
  • Co-ordination and concentration skills are developed.
  • Eye-hand coordination is enhanced.
  • Girls are now about one year ahead of boys in growth.
  • Spontaneous drawing can be done with definite ideas in mind.


  • Social environment becomes stronger.
  • Personal possession for things increases.
  • Sharing and communicating skills are developed.
  • Well adjusted & happy age.
  • Becomes self-contained, responsible & obedient.


  • School influences the child in understanding and following rules and regulations.
  • Knowledge about different topics increases.
  • Takes more interest in reading, writing and speaking.
  • Wants to explore, learn and know different subjects related to reality and life.
  • Listens and pays attention to everything going around.
  • Multi-sensory and problem solving skills are also developed.
  • Becomes observant, self-critical, self-dependant & proud of work.


  • Starts speaking very fluently and with more confidence.
  • Can retain more than 2000 words.
  • Is now more aware of opposites, gender difference, speeches and grammar of a language
  • Can now speak long sentences without difficulty.

Suggested toys and games :

  • Toys dealing with maximum eye-hand co-ordination.
  • Games involving props for housekeeping, store-keeping or medical play.
  • Musical and entertaining games like tapes, CDs, tape player.
  • Puppets and pop-up toys.
  • Board games.
  • Jigsaw, form and activity puzzle up to 35 pieces.
  • Toys and games that enhance fine motor skills.
  • Exciting and enjoyable games and toys.
  • Educational, knowledgeable and quiz related games and toys.
  • Story books illustrative and narrative books, Sophisticated books
  • Baseball, basketball & skating
  • Art & Drawing