4 Years To 5 Years


  • Very active with instant response to the activities going around.
  • Better control and balance on movements.
  • Is now comfortable and confident with up and down, jumping and running activities.
  • Becomes curious and like to know new things.


  • Enjoys doing new things
  • Sociability increases and makes more friends. Likes to stay and play in groups and with other children.
  • Emotional skills are increased such as attachment and love with parents, siblings and others.
  • Enjoys the companionship of other children and learns to cooperate while playing.
  • Becomes boastful, dogmatic, and bossy and wants to be independent.


  • Able to name some colors and numbers
  • Improves drawing and writing skills
  • Concentration, observation, imagination and learning skills are developed tremendously.
  • Holds and uses a pencil with good control. Can copy a cross, circle and possibly a square.
  • Can rationalize his/her behavior.


  • Use five to six word sentences
  • Knows some basic rules of grammar, such as correctly using “he” and “she”
  • Can tell a lengthy story by mixing some fact & fancy.
  • Can retain more than 1000 words.
  • Begins to read and write alphabet and numbers
  • Try to speak a grammatically correct speech.

Suggested toys and games :

  • Toys involving jumping, running, catching and throwing activities.
  • Catch or throw ball and football.
  • Toys/Games involving music and entertainment.
  • Simple board games.
  • Form, Jigsaw and Activity puzzles up to 25 pieces.
  • Constructive toys.
  • Toys/games that develop vocabulary and awareness in child.
  • Toys/games that impart basic skills of learning.
  • Toys/games that enhance the child's exploration and searching skills.
  • Toys dealing with drawing and coloring like pencil color, crayons and markers.
  • Story books, pictorial and narrative books.
  • Games that enhance sequential skills.