3 Years To 4 Years


  • Shows more activities by jumping up and down with confidence as the child gains full balance and control.
  • Fine motor skills are enhanced and help in recognition and understanding.
  • Try to do things themselves such as dressing up, playing, eating etc.
  • Can brush teeth.
  • Developed eye muscle.


  • Develops a sense of order and neatness.
  • Desires to be independent but at the same time desires to interact and communicate with other children of the same age.
  • Love to listen and read stories aloud.
  • Having imaginary companions is common at this age.
  • Start having frequent mood swings.
  • Enjoys praise and appreciation  
  • Responsive towards verbal guidance.


  • Desire to learn and know different things.
  • Try to read everything which comes in sight.
  • Sense of exploration enhances.
  • Try to match identical objects.
  • Can differentiate between one and many objects by counting two digit numbers.
  • Memory skills are improved as they can remember things from immediate past and present.
  • Observation and retention power increases.
  • Can count to five or ten


  • Speaking skills are improved as they can now speak phrases or sentences having four to six words such as "What is your name?"
  • Becomes aware about opposites such as his and her, yes and no, good and bad etc.
  • Understands tenses in simple form; present (today), past (yesterday), future (tomorrow).
  • Can retain up to 1000 words.
  • Able to remember simple rhymes.

Suggested toys and games :

  • Push-pull and ride-on toys which involves lot of physical activities.
  • Toys involving opening-closing, screwing and unscrewing.
  • Blocks and cards involving activities like building tower, putting one over another.
  • Jigsaw, Form puzzles up to 12 pieces.
  • Drawing and coloring books.
  • Toys/Games which involves finding out and matching identical objects, similarity in two pictures or opposites.
  • Toys/games involving logic, thinking and memory skills (Developing fine motor skills).
  • Toys/Games involving recognition, sorting, classification and matching skills.
  • Flash-cards of Alphabet, Numbers, Fruits, Transportation etc. Sequencing of events from 2 to 3
  • Stuffed animals, Musical instruments & Transportation toys.