2 Years To 3 Years


  • Learns to balance and bend from waist to pickup objects as physical control and activities increase.
  • Learns to climb and descend stairs with firm holding.
  • Shows more activeness by running and jumping around.
  • Try to push, pull, lift, unscrew and manipulate objects and toys in their reach around them.
  • Develops their Eye hand co-ordination skills.


  • Develops the Sense of self.
  • Emotional and social skills such as fear, love, attachment and separation are developed.
  • Sometimes likes to be independent and sometimes likes the company.
  • Understands and obeys one step commands.
  • Pays more attention to the function of toys.
  • Hesitant with strangers, shows signs of possessive & aggressive behavior.
  • Becomes unpredictable about their moods and activities.


  • Various nerve connections in brain are developed.
  • Mental ability enhances.
  • Develops fine motor skills.
  • Develops thinking and memory skills.
  • Become able to concentrate for a longer period.


  • Try to remember different names of objects and things.
  • Can retain up to 300 words.
  • Starts speaking phrases or sentences having two or three words such as "where is ball?"
  • Understands more by observing

Suggested toys and games

  • Ride-on toys like small tricycle, wagon or wooden horse
  • Small and light air-filled balls, balloons etc.
  • Toys producing different kinds of sounds.
  • Stuffed and fancy toys, dolls and doll-accessories.
  • Toys for water play.
  • Simple form puzzles having two-four pieces.
  • Colorful picture books with attractive figures and cartoons
  • Toys/Games for shapes, sizes etc.
  • Toys/Games for developing pre-number and reading skills.