1 To 2 Years


  • There is an active physical development. The child learns to walk and run.
  • Learns to climb on small chairs, sofas etc.


  • Begin to identify him/her as a human being and likes being pampered. Develops feeling of love and understanding about near and dear ones. Learns to distinguish between known people and strangers.
  • Start observing & experimenting with his/her environment.


  • Thinking is developed
  • Manipulating and problem-solving with objects is possible
  • Learns about Cause & effect and can assemble or disassemble things.


  • Learns few easy and short words.
  • A child starts speaking few words during this phase. Even if the child cannot speak the words, the grasp of words and retention in memory is developed at this age.

Suggested toys and games

  • Simple puzzles and shape sorters
  • Ride-on toys and push-pull toys
  • Dolls and stuffed toys
  • Musical toys and rhythmic instruments
  • Tricycles and small cars
  • Blocks, Picture books & Ring stacks.