Board Games

  • Math Whiz

    Math Whiz

    • Ages : 6 & Up
    • Product Code : 0935

    "Math Whiz" is a board game, where children solve different mathematical problems while racing through the Play Board strengthening mathematical understanding and competence in an enjoyable manner.

  • International Business

    International Business

    • Age: 6 & up
    • Product Code : 0830

    “International Business” An Exciting Game of Buying and Selling The main objective of the game is to develop the skills of trading among the players.

  • Family Budget

    Family Budget

    • Age Blocks : 7 & Up
    • Product Code : 1073

    "Family Budget" A fun interactive game to understand value of money and plan how family income should be spent without incurring debts, fulfilling family's day - to- day needs and save something for the future on monthly basis.

  • Supermarket


    • Ages : 7 & up
    • Product Code : 0829

    “Supermarket” is an interactive game where children learn and practice valuable money skills by buying and selling different things from different stores just like in real life situations.

  • Slides and Ladders

    Slides and Ladders

    • Ages : 9 & Up
    • Product Code : 0806

    "Slides and Ladders" is a modern version of the most popular family game "that also teaches value of good deeds.

  • New Ludo

    New Ludo

    • Ages : 4 & Up
    • Product Code : 0816

    A new look to the All Time Favourite Classic Family board game for two to six players. Everything needed to Play this beautifully illustrated game is included- A large Play Board, 24 play pieces( 6 sets of different colours of 4 pieces each.)